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I have a label set up in Bartender on which the print orientation is set to landscape. However the label printer (Meto SP40 II) is printing in portrait mode.  Next, when I save the label in Bartender, the label is printed a few times correctly in landscape, but after a few print jobs again in portrait mode. When I check the orientation in Bartender, it is still set to landscape, how I want it to be.  Next, when I save the label again in Bartender and print again, the orientation is landscape, so correct. But again, after a few print jobs, the labels are wrongly printed in portrait.

So the strange thing is that the orientation setup in Bartender is only taken into account a few print jobs, until I save the label in Bartender.  The orientation setup on the print driver is also set to landscape.  This behaviour is happening now since one week and started after an electricity failure.  Maybe the printer has been damaged?

Somebody recognizes this?

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Pete Thane
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Hi Roel,

It does sound like there could be an issue with the printer but a couple of things you could try first is make sure you are using the latest (2018_2) driver. I would also revert the setting in the driver itself back to the default Portrait settings and just use the Landscape setting in the Page Setup in BarTender. I came across something some years ago where adjusting both these settings seemed to cause a bit of confusion with labels printed in the wrong orientation and so setting the driver back to it's default Portrait position fixed this.