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Martin Steinke



We have a customer who wants to enter manufacture date, manually enter serial number and choose a product type from a drop down menu which gets its values from a database. We are using a database so that we can lookup a product code to print on the label and to edit remotely.

Since the customer will choose the same product type for a batch and needs to weigh each product before printing, he would like it if the form would remember the product type to speed up the process. 

The dropdown box does not have a "remember value for next time" option unlike the serial text box.

Has anyone come across a solution to this problem?


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Pete Thane
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This may work for you,,,,

If you add a field on the 1st data entry form, linked to number of copies, for the operator to add in the number of labels in the batch.

(Or optionally add on a serialised incremening number field to the side the label template and link the above to the number of serialsied labels instead. Set this field reset to zero after each print job #)

Add a new data entry form and include the data entry box for the weight. Make sure to adjust the frequency to each copy for this field so the data entry form will appear multiple times (# If you have added the serial number field then make the frequency linked to the each serial number and you could also add, say at the top of this screen, a read only field that displays the serial number so the user knows what label in the batch they are entering the data for)