Print Station holding/freezing after print 追蹤

Jamie Hinton

I'm printing some basic labels in Print Station on several computers.

On only one of the computers we print the labels as normal however once the labels have been printed the computer still shows the 'printing' screen and doesn't return back to the main 'Select item to print' screen.

As this is working on the other computers we are assuming this has to something on specific to this computer/instance of BarTender Print Station. 

We've tried repairing the instance of BarTender and checked over the settings but can't seem to find anything different.

The computer is running on Windows 7 with Office 2013 (like some of the others), the only difference is that it's on a different domain.

Has anyone had any problems similar to this? or any ideas on some things which can test?

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Pete Thane
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You could try moving the labels locally and pointing Print Station to them there and see if the freezing issue is replicated with this setup. If that works then that would eliminate BarTender/Print Station and would point at a network/permissions type issue