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We are using BarTender Professional version 9.3.  The printer prints properly when printing a single label.  When we check serialization, the printer moves the label but nothing is printed.  Any solution? Thanks!  

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Pete Thane
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Hi Catherine,

Make sure you are running the last 9.3 service release (SR2 build 2725) juts in case it was a bug that was later fixed. 

Saying that it sounds a bit like it could be a graphics issue, where the file is sent to the printer as a picture but is slightly too wide and so the printer doesnt print any of the picture at all but the unit still "print" the label, ie in your case feeds a blank label out. I have seen this a few times with Zebra printer especially.

What you could try is amend the font being used to encode the serial number to use one the printers own internal fonts and make sure that the User Printers Serialisation button is ticked # and then retest the printing.

# I cant remember in 9.3 where exactly this tick box is but I think it maybe on one of the tabs on the File>Print screen, Printer Optimisations or something like that perhaps.

I hope this helps