Seagul drivers with zebra thermal 2844 not printing 追蹤


PC is a Dell OptiPlex 7010 running Windows 7 professional

Zebra Thermal 2844 printer using USB

Seagull drivers 2018.3


replaced a workstation that has a zebra thermal 2844 attached too it and we cannot get this newer workstation to print. 

Swapped USB cables

Downloaded latest Seagull drivers.  Uninstalled and replaced multiple times

Printer works fine on old workstation and another users workstation when moved for testing

Other usb devices including an HP printer work fine on the workstation in question. 

Drivers install fine and windows 7 indicates no errors device is ready. 

Device ready light good on printer

No device conflicts shown in device manager


Will not print through bartender or a simple test print through printer properties (only 2 methods attempted).  Gives no errors and print que is empty after attempting to print. 

Any help greatly appreciated. 





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Pete Thane
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Have you tried to auto-detect/install the printer from Control Panel?

This may install the ZDesigner driver but at least you will see if it can be found. The TLP2844 should work with Windows 7 so there shouldn't be an issue but if Windows cant detect it on this PC but can be installed on others then it sounds like an issue with Windows on that machine.

If the Control Panel install works you should then I would install the Seagull driver, but say it is connected to another port (even FILE) for now and if that installs correctly then just adjust the port the to the USB that the ZDesigner is pointing at and hopefully that should sort it.