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I have two issues.  I have a label that has a 8 digit barcode.  The label prints fine but the RFID tag isn't encoded on the printer.


First thing is I want to use the 8 digit sequential number for the RFID tag.  Ive set the source for the RFID to be the label for my barcode, but when I then change the RFIS tag to be 16 characters it also alters the original data.  I want that to be 8 characters and then just have the RFID use that data and pad it out to 16 characters.

Second issue is there is no data present on the label when I read the RFID, possibly because it's only 8 characters at the moment.

Can someone assist with this ?

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Pete Thane
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If you are connecting the two fields via the name directly (sharing it used to be called), then whatever you do to one will impact the other and so if you are padding one to 16 characters the other named linked field will get padded too.

You may need to use the VB Script>Event Controlled Script>OnSerialise option and set the Value = to the name of your sequential field (double click on the named data source in the column on the right) and so although they are connected the parameters are not shared

Not sure about the writing part but this should hopefully get round the number of characters part