Not printing to scale 追蹤


When printing from Bartender to both a Zebra ZT410 and Intermec PD43 the print does not fit on the 4x6 lael it wsa designed to use.

If the driver is changed to the 203dpi the print fits the label but the quality is poor and can not be used.

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Pete Thane
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If you create a label for the wrong resolution of printer then you will have issues with the size of fields and the print position (ie. if you send a command to print using as 300dpi printer to start a field 1 inch from the top of the label, a 203dpi printer will actually that receives this command will print it about an inch and a half from the top instead).

The print quality issues could be down to differences in the driver settings so you may want to check the darkness/heat setting you are using as well as the print speed as these can effect print quality.