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I have never used a bar code printer, but I am trying to set things up for a customer. They currently print using Microsoft Word. I can't find any way to import the data from Word into BarTender. Is this possible? If not, how can I print to the Toshiba B-ex6t1-g from word to TAG paper and have it cut each job from roll paper?

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Pete Thane
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The printer specific free version of BarTender, Ultralite, is a cut down version of the standard software and so the functionality you are looking for may not be present in that version.

When using Professional (or above) if it just text items then you just be able to copy and paste them directly onto the label or else add a Word Processor text object and go into the Properites of that item and then paste the Word stuff into the Word Processor editor screen.

To print directly from Word you would need to configure the Page Size correctly in Word when linked upto use the Toshiba and also configure the cutter operation in the driver settings. You would get better results and control of the data if you used BarTender rather than the direct Word printing route I would suggest