"Current Date" appears to be wrong 追蹤


We've got an intermittent error in printing a "system date".

A couple of times a year, when a label is printed between 23:00 and midnight we get a date belonging to "tomorrow"

The format is: dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm

The most recent example was printed 28-Oct-2018, at 23:23, and reprinted at 23:52.

In both cases, it printed out as 29-Oct-2018 for the date portion.


Bartender Version 10.1 SR2.

Bartender is being triggered using a data file via Commander.

Timezone in the field settings is New Zealand Daylight Time (Local), which matches the server settings.

"Use Printer Clock" is not ticked


I have not been able to track down an entry in the event log indicating that the server clock time has been altered in any way for 2 hours either side.


Any suggestions?




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Pete Thane
評論操作 永久連結

Have you tired using the latest 10.1 Service Release (SR4 I think it was) and see if it is a known and already fixed issue?

Roger Willcocks
評論操作 永久連結

These are production servers for a 24x7 operation, and I don't control the upgrade schedule.

Is there somewhere I can see the list of fixes in each release?