Problems to send file to printer with sequential numbering 追蹤

Ruben Rodriguez

I transfer an incident with a SATO S84-ex through Bartender, we have installed one of these printers in a client that previously operated with an 8485se to which they sent a label that contained a numerator and copied it to a code 128 together to a fixed field (batch). At the time of sending the pc sends 9999 labels that are added in the buffer of the label (the numerator generates the printer) printing a numerator that the operator enters by screen and that is copied into a bar code next to the batch.

When sending the label in the buffer of the printer does not appear for example the 9999 labels but sends us 1 to 1 because the numerator does the pc itself. This is not valid because the pc is usually blocked and this means that the applicator would stop receiving labels and would have to re-send.
Someone knows the solution to this problem?
Many thanks

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Pete Thane
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Not 100% sure what you mean.

It sounds like you want BarTender to output 9999 files each one with a different serial number but are actually getting one file probably with the command for the printer to use its in built serialisation and print 9999 labels. 

If this is the case and you may need to adjust the File>Print>Performance and Allow Serialisation tick box