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Daniel Charlesworth

My company uses Bartender10 to print thousands of different labels,  of those there are about 20 that need to not only extract information from a SQL DB  but write new records to it.

I can get it to extract current records from the DB  but cannot get it to write those new records at all. Are we using the correct version of Bartender to do this ?

or is there something else I need to do at the time of label creation to make the filled in data, make a new record in the SQL DB.

Thank You I hope that someone can answer my question.

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Pete Thane
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Someone posted a very similar query about Access the other day too (https://support.seagullscientific.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360019540253-Can-we-update-Ms-access-database) and the answer would be the same effectively:

I know you can use the VB WriteLine command to extract data to a Text file but I am not sure about writing to a database (Insert command?). You probably need to speak to a VB programmer to see if this is possible within BarTender itself. If not then you may need to output the data you want to write (you could use Logging to Text file option from the Administer menu) and then employ a developer to create a program that interacts with your Access tables and populates the appropriate fields.