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Thomas Winstead

I'm converting my files from Bartender pro to Automation. What we do now, is create a csv file with data, and point a bartender document's data to it. We then using the command line reference that document, which in turn looks for that csv file, fills the fields with the data, and prints it. Simple

What I would like to do with integration is this: wait for a file with a .csv extension to be dropped to a specific folder, then based on what the name of the csv file is, print a different document (for example if the file is called ship.csv, print shipping-standard.btw, but if the file is called ship-rd.csv, print shipping-rd.btw, etc). Each document is also looking for the data file in the same location, so it should fill its fields with the current data and print. 

I don't want to set up a separate integration for each document/data file combination; that would be hard to manage because there are dozens of different combinations possible. I'd prefer to have all the possible combination in one integration.

Is there any way in one integration file, to tell it to watch a certain folder, then based on the file name of a .csv file print a certain named document? 

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Seb Atkins
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We have accomplished this in the past by adding the document name (full file system path eg C:\Documents\document1.btw) that you wish to print into the csv file and then using that variable in the print document action we also do the same with the printer name so we can send different documents to different printers based on the data set.

We create the csv file with our reporting software so we can create custom fields (printdocument and printername) based on specific criteria which in our case is normally the branch ID to decide which document/printer it needs to go to. I have provided a screen shot of our print document action, we are using a database integration (we just load the csv contents into a SQL database) but i would imagine you can do the same with a file integration.

Hope this helps!

Pete Thane
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Hi Thomas,

You can setup Integration Builder to look for various dynamic variable items were and pull those out from the trigger file. I have not used the name of the trigger file to determine the the label format personally (all those I have used have had the label format  name contained in the file) but the DetectedFileName is one of those so you maybe able to do what you want.

I would suggest you check our Manny's webinar accessible from the Support home page as that talks about how address the variables and I found it very useful for the first few BT2016 integrations I was involved in configuring deploying,

For ease the link the the webinar is below:

I hope this helps