Retrieving Data With .Substring[] on an Unnamed Datasource 追蹤

John Fanning

Basically, I was hired at a new company who has used bartender for years.  They asked me to look at a few things, as a part of a larger restructuring plan, and one of them was how to better manage their label creation procedures.  Years ago, they began creating these labels...  but initially they were used more like static documents.  Now they have a touch over 12,000 different labels they need to integrate with a new CRM, but the data exists only in the individual files.

I tried using .Substring[], hoping I could read the data out, insert it into a Db, then use Bartender more effectively......  But the data sources are unnamed and from what I have read that's an issue.  That being said, I have only worked with the software for about 6 hours, and I am hoping one of you fine people can help me out.