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I have a Zebra ZXP Series 7 and using Bartender to print cards. Usually I print front (color) and back (black only) of the cards encoding a 16 digit number on the mag stripe of the cards.

This time we got "preprinted" cards and I only need to print on the back of them (black) and encode the number on the mag stripe.

How can I do this to expedite the printing of them ? It should take half the time to print them since only one side is being printed.

Should I just create a new design with the "front" of it and add the mag stripe and all that and then turn around the cards on the printer input tray ? Or can this be done via the software ?

Any input would be appreciated.

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Pete Thane
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Probably saving you existing label under a new name and then either remove or set the parts you do need printed as Pre-Printed (#) in the format would be quickest.


# To set an object as pre-printed go into the Properties of the item and click on it's name at the top of the column on the left had side.and on the new screen on the right hand side click on the pre-printed tick box. The items will still appear on a Print Preview, but will not be printed.