SATO S84-ex does not print when Cancel Any Jobs is checked 追蹤

Michael Drew

Use BarTender 2019 R1, with the Segul print drivers for SATO S84-ex and if I check the "Cancel any jobs previously queued to this printer" it does indeed clear the print buffer in the printer, but it does not send the new print job to the printer.  If I uncheck the "Cancel any jobs" option, then it prints just fine.    My application is a Label Applicator with an unknown quantity of labels required at the beginning of the print job, so I initiate the print job with a large quantity (1000) defined, but need to stop after say 300 lables, then print a new run of if I understand it correctly, this should work as long as I choose the "Cancel any jobs previously queued to this printer" should cancel the remainder of the previous run, and start a new run..... correct?    Anybody have any ideas why this wouldn't work?