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I'll try and explain my question as clearly as I can as it is a little complicated.

My bartender file uses a database and print time data to create the desired label.

The desired outcome is to have the operators enter the query prompt for the database, print time data, and then print a label. Once the label is printed, the data entry form should pop back open with every field the same as the previous entry, with 1 print time data text box blank.

Essentially I'd like to have the database and print time data repopulate (except for 1 print time text box) each time I print with the previous information until the operator selects "Cancel".

So far I have been able to have the Data Entry Form hold the previously entered print time data, but not the previously selected data from the database.


Please let me know if there is a way to force all data previously selected from the database to be held until "Cancel" is selected on the Data Entry Form.



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Hanna Showers
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Here is my script currently as is:

Dim userchoice
userchoice = MsgBox ("Selecting No will clear all data fields", 4, "Would you like to continue printing labels?")
Format.NamedSubStrings("Quantity").Value = ""
if userchoice = 7 Then
  Format.NamedSubStrings("CustomerName").Value =  ""
  Format.NamedSubStrings("CustomerPartNumber").Value = ""
  Format.NamedSubStrings("LotNumber").Value = ""
  Format.NamedSubStrings("PartDescription").Value = ""
  Format.NamedSubStrings("Revision").Value = ""
  Format.NamedSubStrings("UnitofMeasure").Value = ""
End If


The values listed above CustomerName, LotNumber etc.. those are values entered by the operator at print time. I cannot figure out how to reference the database in a similar fashion.


Thank you for any help!

Pete Thane
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I think the Database query is the only one you cannot set to remember.