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Hy everyone!

In .prn file, that i generate with the 'print on file' option, my barcode have a TAG value( example '_CODE_'). When i have to real print the .prn file, this TAG will by replace with specific dynamic content ( variable length of the barcode. example: '_CODE_' -----> '2547856987' )

There is any option that i can use to fix the barcode in it's center?

Something like ^FB command of ZPL Language? 



I need to use the same layout for different custom TAG contents.

Of course center alignment option in 'Position' menù doesn't work, because after the print in .prn i have to replace the TAG.


Thanks for your support!

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Pete Thane
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I do not believe so as you are using the ZPL code rather than BarTender to control it. In BarTender the field length is a a static item based on the length of the data in the barcode and where the field is on the label and so the values included in the .PRN file will be the X,Y position based on the start of the symbol in the sample label. To adjust this for different data lengths you would need to amend the X,Y coordinates in your ZPL code rather too