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Kevin Vogt

Hi, I'm at a customer who is using BarTender 10.1 SR2.  Their external application sends TXT files to BarTender.  Their BarTender instance monitors a number of folders.  Their BarTender uses different printers and layouts, depending on which folder a label TXT file is placed.   For instance, if the label TXT file is placed into folder A,  BarTender uses layout 1 and sends to printer ABC.   If the file is placed in folder B, BarTender uses layout 2 and sends to printer DEF;  and so forth.

From a quick look at the BarTender 2019 integration builder,  the web services include input types of: XML, Text, and Print Command Script.    I think this Print Command Script might be the same type of format as in the TXT files currently being sent to their BarTender instance.

Could it be possible to upgrade their BarTender to version 2019,  and create some web services that would accept their existing TXT files?   (Perhaps using the Print Command Script input type) 

Does upgrading from 10.1 SR2  to version 2019 keep existing configurations?





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Jasper Wen
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Sure, you can setup a Web Service Integration that accepts Print Command Script or text delimited data to print. The only difference is instead of accepting a text file, it will be accepting a GET or most likely a POST request in this case.

I would suggest looking at some of the following support articles and videos to get started.