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hi guys, i recently upgraded from bartender pro 2016 to pro 2019 (we need pro so we canprint bales with data from excel spreadsheets) - paid for new license as thats how Seagull operates


biggest headache of my life but without moaning too much here is my issue and i need simple laymans terms help :


we run a small business with 2 x laptops that do not stay at the office at night

laptops connect to our router and we have 1 x label printer (postek brand)


so bartender pro 2019 requires the license to be installed on a server then you can add other pc's as users / licenser servers

now the headache --- laptop 1 where the license is installed must alwayssbe on the same network ie logged in and physically present in our office in order for laptop 2 to be able to print labels otherwise error 3413 comes up and laptop 2 is unable to print


this obviously is a nightmare as we work shifts or travel with our work laptops, so what is the solution? can Seagull activate our license on their server or are we doomed to have the laptop 1 remain in office? we dont have a dedicated  server as we are a small business?


im at my wits end with this and our seller of the license just passes the buck and says open a ticket with seagull, but happily took our money to upgrade 


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Peter Thane
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For 2016 you will have needed to have a separate Pro licence on each laptop for it to work in your setup previously and I think that is what you are going to need here too.

In 2019 you would normally be able to have the licence held on a central server or PC, that is always available for any connected clients to link upto when you print. However you can not configure your system in this way from the sound of it.. 

With a 2016 licence, assuming you do not have a Maintenance Agreement in force, you may have been able to take advantage of the Maintenance Agreement promotion and take out a 3 year Maintenance plan for that licence and then with that in force you can upgrade to 2019 for free. If you find your 2nd 2016 Product Key Code you could then look at proceeding in this manner and so have a separate 2019 Pro licence running on each laptop.

I hope that makes sense

Kristopher Norris
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It sounds like you only have only 1 License available. Did you get your issue worked out? If not can you verify you have 2 licenses.