How to process trigger file name parts and use it for btw label? 追蹤

Gert Riedl

Hi, I have the situation that I have to print *.gif files dorped from the customer in a certain folder.

The file itself I get is the almost ready label in gif format. The file name consists of the printer name and some additional data for a barcode. E.g. printer1_4711.gif. Where printer1 is the printer name and 4711 is the value for the barcode in the *.btw file.

So I created a btw file with a image blaceholder and a barcode and the datasource is ???

How can I split the trigger file name (FileNameWithoutExtension) with Integration Builder and use it to set the printer name, the image source and the barcode value?


My system is BarTender 2019 R3 Enterprise.