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Dave I


Is it possible to print "x" amount of labels based on a field value. If I go to print and then copies and then you press in the little icon, you can select from :

1. get quantity from database field

2. get quantity from data source.

The data field is not numeric so I need to convert a word in numbers, so I created another database file (xlsx) with the equivalence between words and numbers. Is it possible to combine them so Bartender knows what it's the value of every word coming from the database? or it has to be done in a different way.

Thanks in advance.




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Pete Thane
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Hi Dave,

You will need to add both databases to your label and then create a Join between them linking the Quantity (in text) from Database 1 to the Number as text column in Database 2. When you add the 2nd database the Join condition setup screen should appear automatically.

Once this is done use the Get Quantity from Database field and link this to the number as number field in Database 2.

I hope that makes sense.


(There probably is a was to convert a text number to a number number in VB but I asm not sure how you do this myself either)