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Mike Sell

We are running Bartender 2016 R3 Enterprise Automation on Windows Server 2008 Standard (32 bit)

We have deployed a mix of BTXML and database table integrations printing to various printers in our factory.

Overnight the integrations were processing jobs and failing to send them to the windows print spooler. 

The history explorer messages show multiple "cannot use printer X to design, print or export...." messages.  Printer X queues exist and have not been changed recently

Windows event viewer shows
- multiple messages Maestro.Service.exe port 5130 connection forcibly closed by remote host
- multiple messages Seagull Printer Driver V3 Failed to load dll "\"
- multiple messages Seagull Printer Driver V3 Attempt to access invalid address
- multiple messages Seagull Printer Driver V3 unrecoverable error created dump file

Eventually the windows print spooler service terminated unexpectedly, and restarted.  This triggered the Maestro service to restart and normal printing resumed.

Are there tools to analyse the dump files?  It is not clear if the print spooler knocked over bartender or vice versa.

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Pete Thane
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I would suggest you raise this directly with your local Tech Support team rather than on this forum, as they maybe able to help you out