Delete from database fails for database integration with "All records and remove when done" checked" 追蹤

Luc Vandael

I am using a test license to do a poc.

For a Database Integration I have marked: Use All records, and remove when done.

But the delete is not successful
Details: 'The DELETE permission was denied on the object...

I am quite sure there is no issue with the user as it is dbo(owner). 

Can this be because of the test license ? 
Or are there other security considerations that play a role ?



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Luc Vandael
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Part of the problem was that the Bartender Integration Service was running under the local system account.

But I still have a strange behavior:

An update database records is successful in a "Simulated Print" test but not in an actual test,
when I use "Field has specified value" as the New Record Detection Method

When I use the Use All Records, and remove when done as the New Record Detection Method it runs fine in both test modes.