Restart crashed Integrations? 追蹤

Ryan Mariotti

Hi BT Community,


I'm having an issue with BT Enterprise Automation 2019 R4 that I can't solve and wanted to see if anyone has ideas. I have an open support case but it might be a long time until Seagull Dev is able to get around to fixing this bug.  


Each of 4 separate installations of BT (4 different operating locations) use their own local BT database.  They are only connected via a centralized License Manager.  Each of these installations run 5 Integrations. The Integrations poll a Amazon S3 bucket to look for a .csv file.  If it finds one, it downloads it, prints the label the deletes the file.  


Every day or so (sometimes mult times per day or someimtes it'll go 2-5 days w/out issue) there will be some kind of error in the Integration and it "crashes" all the other integrations.  I then have to manually "Start All" and they move on their merry way...until the next crash.  The point of this post isn't necessarily to solve the error, but rather to figure out how to overcome it until a final solution is made.  


Until BT Support/dev is able to fix this issue, anyone have ideas on how to create a process that would restart these Integrations (say, every hour) or at least email/alert me?  Support says that Integrations don't have any CLI support.



I think the "SecureChannelFailure" might just be AWS having a temp load-balancing issue where it is refusing the connection due to too many connections.  That's a guess.  The 2nd version (less common in my logs) might be a temp loss of Internet or DNS.  In either case, I'd expect the Integration to error but not crash and stop.  

"An error occurred while watching folder 'amazon://AmazonS3/us-west-2/lis-syncedfiles/LabelData/CA-Hayward/'. Details: A WebException with status SecureChannelFailure was thrown. The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."

"An error occurred while watching folder 'amazon://AmazonS3/us-west-2/lis-syncedfiles/LabelData/CA-NorthHollywood/'. Details: A WebException with status NameResolutionFailure was thrown. The remote name could not be resolved: ''"