Print portal 2019 R3 is slow 追蹤



We have just implemented Print Portal and it is very slow almost completely unusable. It takes an extremely long time to browse through the folder structure and select a label.

Also, once you find your label it is taking over 2mins to print the job, we have replicated the same print job with print station and it prints the job immediately.

We contacted Bartender support and apparently this is a known issue? I am struggling to understand how the print portal can be a broken feature.

Does anyone else have these issues? Does anyone else use the print portal or is it a dead feature? This forum seems to be almost empty.

Maybe we are missing something?

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Brad Willborn
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We have similar issues.
The biggest thing that we found was our DB connection.
We use Oracle and the larger the data set the slower the system is.

Seagull, Any assistance would be appreciated.


Nicholas Sondelski
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I am also having similar issues and put a ticket in.  2019 R8 is what I am running.  I have put in a ticket to support, but am waiting on a response.  Looks like the 2021 versions has a revamped print portal.  Upgraded to Enterprise recently to take advantage of this functionality, but can't get it to perform efficiently enough to roll out to the end users.