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Haroon Muhammad



We recently bought a Postek 168C/200 label printer with your software for the labels. I can print, but every alternate label get printed. So the printer prints the first label then skips the 2nd label then prints the 3rd label and so on. 


I have been through all the settings and also created another template. I have checked the dimensions of my labels, but I still have the same problem. Every alternate label gets printed.



Haroon Muhammad

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Pete Thane
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That does sound like either a configuration issue with the printer settings themselves or a problem with the label template. I have not used one of those printers but I would suggest:

Reboot the printer and once it is back online Feed one label from the printer itself (not via the software) and then feed a second label. If the printer just feeds out one blank label each time then it is configured correctly itself and so it is a software issue, if not it is a config/calibration issue with the printer.

If it is a software problem make sure you have configured the label correctly.

  • The page width is the width of the label with gutter/backing whilst the height is the label itself with the gap as the printer should pick this up  
  • In the File>Print>Document Properties>Stock make sure the printer is set to the correct type of media (label with gaps) and the gap height setting is correct