Automatic printing 追蹤

Sangyoon Lee

Hi guys,


Is there any way we can implement solution as stated below?


We'd like to print out labels 

  1. without pressing 'Print' button inside the Bartender app.
  2. when scanning certain barcodes.


Please kindly advise.

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Pete Thane
評論操作 永久連結

1. CTRL+ P and the ENTER will achieve this which you maybe able to configure into a barcode to scan instead or else, if appropriate,  include as a prefix to be sent with a scanned code, although with this you may need to look at upping the intercharacter delay in the scanner to give the PC time to react to the command and data.

2. All depends on your situation and how specific "certain" barcodes is. If the scanner has some intelligence and can be programmed to differentiate between which codes need to do this and which dont then you could implement something like the above, but if not you would need to use a different method such as scanning the code into a custom program you have created that then creates a trigger file to automate the printing process, although for this you would need the Automation edition and Integration Builder.