How to Set Native DB2 Driver Port Number 追蹤

Raymond Tripamer

We have the DB2 client drivers installed, and they are working.

How can the port number for the native DB2 driver be configured?  our db2 listener is on port 50005, not the standard (default) port of 50000.  Of course connecting to this database fails.  As a test, we set up a dev DB2 database that *does* listen on port 50000 and the database connection works.

The database connection dialog has all the other info for DB2 - the hostname, username/password, and database name, but not the port number.

We do have an ODBC connection set up as an alternative solution (where in the ODBC manager when defining the DB2 data source, you *can* specify the port number).  However, we see a different error in bartender, apparently related to an ODBC error - something along the lines of "Load Database columns failed, reason: Unknown SQL type --360" from the Bartender database setup wizard, once we select the table we are going to query.  It does show the list of tables in our database, though, so it seems to be partially working.