Stopping print job through code 追蹤


We are calling a print job through the web service using a custom web app.

We have a scenario where based on a variable we calculate how many copies of the label should be printed and pass that through to the web service to start the print job with 'x' number of copies. In some scenarios, we will want to interrupt, stop and cancel the print job from printing additional copies by having the user press a button on the web app.

What would be the best approach to doing this?

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Pete Thane
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This may depend on your printer as some will process the commands/file they receive in order and so may not enact a purge command until after it has finished processing the existing command. It may also depend, if identical labels, whether the original label data is being sent as print this label 1000 times or as print these 1000 files once each, if that makes sense.

A reset printer command maybe the best way to handle this, although the print spooler would need to be empty so the file can be sent. For example sending a file with ~JR to a Zebra printer will reset the unit and clear out the memory of any stored labels