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Eran Darmon

I'm printing a bartender format connecting EXCEL database with filter and prompt.

I get the printer name from database field.

when I running it in preview it works.   but when I want to print a "real label" nothing happens.

I'm working with BarTender2019    

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Pete Thane
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That is quite an odd one as I am getting the same results as you. I think you probably need to contact Tech Support and report this as a bug.

However, there is a work around I have found. 

I have not been using physical printers but have set a Datamax, Sato and Zebra driver to Print to File and have been monitoring the output, with one database record linked to each device.

You need to include the record selection option on a Data Entry Form. If you are using a Database Query/filter to select your product then you need to add a Text Input Box to your Data Entry Form and then go into the Properties of this and Link the entry to your Query Prompt/Filter.

If you are using a Record Picker to select your product then this is where the error seems to crop in. If you use the normal Record Picker table format and add this to your Data Entry Form then the driver does not change and as I created my label for a Zebra printer then all the files created are in ZPL and so the printer selection has not changed, If I use Drop Drown Record picker then the process does work and as with the Query Prompt option the files created are in the correct printer programming language.

I hope this helps