Error #2648 Unable to access Global Data Fields on Only 1 Computer 追蹤

Jon Black

I am having difficulty accessing Global Data Fields on only one PC. All other PCs on the network are able to easily create / find global data fields, but for some reason this is not the case for this one. An answer to a similar post ("Error #2648 Unable to access Global Data fields") pointed to an improperly installed SQL server, but I don't think this is the case for me as wouldn't an improperly installed SQL server affect all the PCs on the network? I know our license database is located on our local server, but I am not too familiar with an SQL server, but I would assume this is installed once for all PCs to use instead of individually on every PC.

Can someone try to shed some light on how to find a solution to my issue?

Thank you.

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Pete Thane
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Not sure, but it may be worth double checking that the PC in question is linked to the remote System Database and not a locally installed version, By default when you run the System Database setup it creates and links to a local one. You can check this from the System Database option in Administration Console (accessed either from the BarTender program group in the Start menu or from Tools menu in BarTender Designer.