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Bernd Mouchaers

Is it possible to send a 'vector line' from bartender?

I have made a template that we send to a laser cutter/engraver machine. This machines engraves all text and images but also needs to 'cut' some lines into the material.  However the machine needs a 'thin' vector line for this. In other applications I just draw a line with thickness 0,01 or 0,1 (whatever the smallest number is in the software) and our machine recognizes this as a vector he needs to cut.

However if I do this setting in Bartender (line of 0,1 thick), this does not get recognized as a vector. Is there a way to achieve this?

On a side note: If I go the page setup of the bartender template select 'print borders' in the 'Shape' tab and select 0,1pt line thickness there, this border does get recognized as a vector

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Ian Cummings
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In BarTender 2019 and onwards we support output to PDF using a native printer driver which should produce optimized results that include vectors instead of rasterized image data.  Therefore, I wonder if you output to PDF first and then print the PDF that you might get the result you're looking for..?