Bartender 2016 Challenges 追蹤

Sandy Bodell

We are a long time user of Bartender.  We're just upgrading to 2016 Desinger and migrating from Commander to Integration Builder.


  1. The first problem is that every btw file I have created with Designer 2016 runs the query when loading the file but it doesn't print.  Subsequent print commands also run the query and do print.  All the older btw files (even if edited with the 2916 client) load without executing the query.

    We think this is keeping the label from printing when running an integration.  The Integration runs successfully, changes the file name, but nothing is ever put in the print queue.  The older files, continue to run find in either Integration Builder or Commander.

  2. The second problem is that the Integration Builder integration us MUCH slower than the Commander integration.  With Commander, a label was successfully processed and  printed in about 2 seconds.

    Using Integration Builder, labels now don't print for almost 7 seconds.


Does anybody have any thoughts on either of these issues?