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We're using a Toshiba B-EX4T3. We need to print a QR code of exactly 10mm tall and wide (conform to Apple's HomeKit setup code spec).

But looks like there is a limitation in the software:

X Dimension x No. of dots
0.47mm x 21 = 9.87mm
0.51mm x 21 = 10.71mm

Is there any workaround?
Can I freely resize the image such that some dots will be 0.47mm and others will be 0.51mm, and the total be 10mm?
Even the dimensions of the dots are uneven, I think this will be tolerable by machine and undetectable by human eye.


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Peter Thane
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The limitation is actually the resolution of the printer itself but you can override some of these via the highlighted button in the image below: