Object position on 2 sided print 追蹤

Zack Cross

I have a document that I want to print front and back.  I am using multiple records per item.  I have a script that performs two loops through the 21 records and sets the objects y position based on whether or not the previous object is blank or has data.  When I test the script, the template (front) or Template(back) arranges perfectly.  However, the template that is not visible moves everything to the top of that template. It seems to me that the object y position cannot be read when not visible but can be written.

The loops are split in two- loop one is for items 3-13, these appear on the front of the template.  Loop two is for items 15-21, these appear on the back of the template. Items 1,2,14 are set manually outside of the loops.

Here are screenshots to illustrate what I am talking about. The different results are based on which template is visible when the script is executed.