can the free edition of bartender prints in batches 追蹤

Temi Kuton

can the free edition of bartender prints in batches, for instance i want to print


100labels e.g, 




bxd0000004   up to bxd0000100


or if i can have the barcodes stored in an excel sheet and connect to the free edition of bartender

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Pete Thane
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If you connect the Free Edition to a database then your labels will print with a "watermark" on them as database connectivity is not a feature of Free.

For batches, going from you example I assume you mean serialised labels. In which case the answer is I don't know as I have never tried it using the Free edition. To enable serialisation you need to configure this is in the Properties of the field from the Transforms tab options. If it prints without the Watermark banner then you are okay, but if not you would need to purchase a full licence. Sorry this is a bit vague.