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Tim McNabola

I am needed to provide one of my distributors with a barcode on our shelf pack boxes that tell him the (single) part number in the box and how many are enclosed.  This is not for a mixed master container but for a box of four single upc items.

How do I generate the code?  Do I just select the ITF-14 code type and add 04= 4 units of the UPC XXXXXXXX in the embedded data?

I am running Bartender 2016 Enterprise.


Thanks in Advance.




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Pete Thane
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It sounds like you need to produce a GS1-128 barcode with an 02 Application Identifier (for the GTIN) and then a 37 AI for the Quantity, which will give you something like this

If you add on the GS1-128 symbol, there is a Wizard that will help you through the process on the Symbology & Size option screen.