Bartender Integration with RFID sytems 追蹤



I have few questions about Bartender and its integration with RFID printers. We are RFID Vendors that integrate custom RFID modules into printers, for various encoding (UHF, HF ISO15693 ISO14443 NFC, ecc...). We need to use our own modules integrated into printers, that are not directly managed by printer firmware/driver. I need to send commands to the printer through TCP/IP, for example to read TID data from UHF tag, then print this value to the label. The process that I need to implement with bartender is the following:

-read data to print from database

-connect to printer through tcp/ip to send RFID commands and get TID data of UHF tag

-print label with tag TID.

How can I do that with bartender? is it possible to call external software or pass some file or command to it, so that I can read tag and get result with Bartender Integration Builder?

Thank you very much in advance