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Michael Morgan

Hello All,

So we have a very simple implementation of this software where we have a dedicated machine for label printing.  Every thing is installed there, Bartender, license server, etc...  This computer is on our company network, but is accessed by multiple users and each user logs in which their own username (only one of which is a local admin).  We are experiencing an issue where the license server service seems to just stop.  It always stops after a reboot but sometimes it will just stop randomly requiring the one local admin (me) to stop everything and go restart the service.  As you can imagine, this is rather inconvenient

I guess my questions are,

  1. Is there a way to auto-start this service? Why it doesn't start automatically is a little baffling
  2. Is there a way around this requiring admin privileges to start?
  3. Are we going to have to give anyone who uses this machine local admin rights in order to fix this?

Just to add another caveat to this, my company is about to implement new security measures and will be removing everyone's local admin rights, so is the best solution to move the license server to the company server? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Pete Thane
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The only time I have seen this happen before was when some of the pre-requisite software would not run/start under certain user accounts.

You can also make the service run under a different account in he services menu (log on tab) and so you could for example create a BarTender user account that has full admin rights and set it to use those credentials. There is also an option in Admin Console (Windows Services) that allows users to stop/start/restart services but you need elevated permissions for this so this probably doesn't help.

To be honest running it on the server would be better in my opinion however as, unlike previous Professional editions, with 2019 the main print and design elements can be installed on any number of computers with the licence element (in Admin Console) only allowing the users to printer to the licenced number of printers. Making the licence centrally based assists with this and, although it may not be relevant in your environment, it does mean the licence will be running using an account with an appropriate permissions level all the time and be on continually whilst the server is powered on.

If you do move the licence, part way through the installation process there is an option just to install the licencing element (Admin Console)