Unable to print to shared printer using SQL 追蹤


Hey all,

I purchased Bartender 2019 automation I believe. I have set up a .btw document that pulls that data from the record I need, and am trying to set up a database integration so that when a record is inserted into that specific table, the print job is called.


My problem seems to be that no matter how many times I select the printer in the Print actions pane, the document is sent to a completely different printer. can anyone help me walk through this?

i've set the default in the Label designer, I've left the print action blank, I've even passed in the printer to the SQL table and reference a field value, but it does not go to where I need. I can do a print preview and send it correctly though in the designer.



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Pete Thane
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if the printer name is included in the database table, have you set the label to pull this information from the database?