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Nurul Izzaty Mohd Khair

Hi, i want to ask can we edit the SQL Statement in database setup.. Currently the sql statament select only 3 fields so now i want to change the statement to select 4 fields. I read it online, you need to delete and create a new one in order to add it...is that the only way? I'm still new to bartender and this is my first task.

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Pete Thane
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The simple answer is yes.If you go into the Database Connection Setup screens and click on the SQL Statement option the current statement is displayed in the box on the right (normally greyed out unless you are already using a custom statement). To create a custom statement tick the Specify a custom..... box above.

However, if the new field is in the same table you are already connected to then you may be able to access this anyway without having to change anything. All the database fields in the tables you are linked to will appear in the column on the left when you have the label open in BarTender Designer (see sample image below) and so if the field you want to connect is already there just add and edit the appropriate label field that you want to connect to this.

I hope this helps