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Rich Crossen

We recently upgraded from 10.1 to 2019 and when we bring up our labels in the print station the data entry fields are truncated.  Each time we open the print station the data entry fields are different sizes, either really really small or slightly larger but never large enough to capture the entire field for data entry purposes.  Anyone know how to fix this? 

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Pete Thane
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I have helped a few customers upgrade from various versions to 2019 including from 10.1 and have not come across this .

Have you tried opening the labels via Print Station on a different PC and if so does that have the same result? 

If so then if you open the label in BarTender Designer and print from there do you get the same issue. If that is the case then you may need to tweak the Data Entry Form but if not if you save the label as a 2019  file does that alleviate the problem?