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Danilo Radaelli



Vers. Bartender 2019 R9 free edition

I created page 120x1000 mm
then I created 120x300mm model
when I launch the print I have to print the model, that is, it must come out of the 120x300 printer
instead the whole page comes out of the printer, that is 120x1000
how can I do?

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Pete Thane
評論操作 永久連結

When you open BarTender follow the Wizard to set up the page sizes etc making sure you select the correct printer when prompted. When you have finished save the label format under an appropriate name. 

The use the New (or File>New) option and create a new label with your second size of label and again make sure to use the correct printer as the one this label is for. Once completed again save the label with an appropriate name. 

Each label should now print to the correct printer by default but you will be able to adjust the printer to use on the Print screen is necessary but the label will keep the same size settings.