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charles lee

Hi Support, 

When i created a 2D data matrix to link to the data source text and once the 2D data matrix was created i cannot edit the text (data source for text). See the attached when the text was click it was shaded with line and i cannot edit text. But one thing is i only can edit from the 2D data matrix to change the text . 

I do not have problem on the version 10 but the version 11 got this issue . 

How to enable it to be editable ? Please help , Thanks 



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Pete Thane
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I am guessing you have shared the two fields together. 

In 2109/21 you need to go into the Properties of the field to amend it on the Template or else go into Properties of the Name Data Source. If applicable, linking the field to a Data Entry filed on a From would also adjust both values at once.