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Christoph Schneider

Hi everbody,

I need to replicate an Interleaved 2 of 5 code from an old Barcode Software to Bartender. It is serial number barcode with 7 digits + 1 check digit.
I have now troubles with the check digit logic in Bartender.

I need to build this logic in VB (I know there are prebuilt logic functions for check digits in the script assistant but unfortunately I don’t know how the following logic is called or even a common on)

Logic to build:

5626187 5 --> 5+6+2+6+1+8+7 = 35 --> check digit is the the second number of the sum so 5
5626188 6 --> 5+6+2+6+1+8+8 = 36 --> check digit is the the second number of the sum so 6
5626189 7 --> 5+6+2+6+1+8+9 = 37 --> check digit is the the second number of the sum so 7
5626190 9 --> 5+6+2+6+1+9+0 = 29 --> check digit is the the second number of the sum so 9
5626191 0 ….
5626192 1 ….
5626193 2 ….
5626194 3 ….

Can someone help me with the code writing for this logic?

BR Christoph

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Pete Thane
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I replied to something similar the other day but that was how to connect up to one of the standard Check Digit calculators so this may help part of the way

I am not sure if any inbuilt calculators match your requirements but if not you will need to create a custom routine.

This is very rough and there is probably a better way of achieving this but (using a named data source as mentioned above this time called "testcode") this works

Value = Format.NamedSubStrings("testcode").Value

Value1 = Left(Value,1)

Value1 = cint(Value1)

Value2 = Left(Value,2)

Value2 = cint(Value2)

Value2 = Right(Value2,1)

Value3 = Left(Value,3)

Value3 = Right(Value3,1)

Value3 = Cint(Value3)

Value4 = Left(Value,4)

Value4 = Right(Value4,1)

Value4 = Cint(Value4)

Value5 = Left(Value,5)

Value5 = Right(Value5,1)

Value5 = Cint(Value5)

Value6 = Left(Value,6)

Value6 = Right(Value6,1)

Value6 = Cint(Value6)

Value7 = Left(Value,7)

Value7 = Right(Value7,1)

Value7 = Cint(Value7)

Value = Value1 + Value2 + Value3 + Value4 + Value5 + Value6 + Value7

Value = Right(Value,1)



Christoph Schneider
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Good morning Pete,

thanks for the fast reply!
I did try your script and i works well. I will do some more tests to be 100% sure it works an big batches and with the scanning.

I want to thank you soo much, you helped me alot. I really appreciat that.

Have a wonderful day!

BR Christoph