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Rich Kee

I have a template connected to a database using a stored procedure. The form that opens when printing looks like this:

The user enters a production order number, which then returns the appropriate records. Because a production order relates to a particular item the "Item", "Item Description", and "Parts per Carton" fields are always the same no matter how many records are returned. However, in some instances the "Revision" field could have multiple entries. Looking at my record browser I see the multiple records with the different revision values. However, only the first revision record populates in the dropdown.

Here you can see right after I enter my production order the fields are all filled.

But the "Select Revision" field, although populated, only has 1 record when the record browser shows 2 records with 2 different revisions.

Is there a particular method for getting all the revision records into the list? Some VBScript perhaps? I did a bunch of forum searching, but couldn't find a clear answer.

Thanks for any help!


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Rich Kee
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Or, as a follow up. If I enter a production order I can fill in the Item, Item Description, and Parts per Carton fields. Is it then possible to have the Revision dropdown field perform an additional database query or be populated after the first query finishes using the data (Item in particular) from the first query as a parameter for the second?