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I'm using a Zebra RFID printer.  I'd like to write to the RFID data then read it back to ensure it has been correctly written, and print VOID on the label if not. 

Using the printer command font I can send the READ command to the printer, but unfortunately this is sent *before* the RFID encoder object sends the write command.  Is there a way to change the order?  Or a better way to solve this problem?

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Bruse Tai
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Hi Brain,

Thank you for the posting.

How BarTender work with RFID is sending the RFID printing command to the Zebra printer. It means BarTender does not provide the "check-and-print" function for RFID printing.

If you would like to check the data, I would suggest you can create "text input box" on data entry form, link to the RFID object value.

Set the Input Box as  "Read Only" so you won`t change the data

Then you can check the data is correct or not before printing.