Problem with printing to some printers from integration 追蹤



We use BarTender Designer 2019 R7 11.1/152895 (64-bit) and integration printing. We have problem with printing to Termo-transfer printers some time: After restarting service bartender system service it can for  some time works good, but after some time integration change setting Sensor Type in printer from Continious to Gap, but in Windows Printer driver setting there is still Continious setting. Why it can happens i cant understand. What shall we do? 

Also, when this problem appears i try to print same template from Bartender Designer - all ok, but when try to send task to integration file with this template - its print with error(send task to printer with sensor type continious)

After restart bartender system service its again wotk for some time ok!

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Peter Thane
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Not 100% sure but that sounds like a permissions type issue. When using Designer BarTender uses the rights of the user logged in into Windows, whilst when running as an Intergration it uses (by default) the settings of a local system account.  It could be the permissions/access to the drivers are different for these two accounts so that may be worth looking at.

You could also try configuring your label as required and then setting (and then saving afterwards) the label to Object Print Method on the Print screen to use Settings for this document only and see if that helps