Printing in Integration (webservice with SAP connection) stops ! 追蹤


Dear Experts,

we have a scenario where we post a JSON File to a bartender server running as our printserver with locally installed printers.

once in a while we cannot print via SAP. When looking at the admin console everything looks fine , the integration is up and running. Logs didnt show anything.

We suspected our monthly maintenance window.

Can automatic updating with empirium and restarting has any impact here ?

our local system logs show 2 related bartender issues:

1.) Event 10006 Bartender System service : A SQL Query has failed with the following errors: query failed

2.) Event 17187 MSSQLBARTENDER: SQL Server is not ready to accept new client connetions, wait a few moments before trying again

3.) Event 10063: Bartender System Service: Bartender System service failed an attempt to find imformation  (prologin handhake issue)


although we have these errors, last time we tested, we still can print so i suspect the issue is not related to these messages?

anyhow do you have experienced such a behavior. Second how can we get rid of these errors?

Best Regards

Felix Nagel

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Shamanth Vohra
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Hi Felix, 

As this issue is more specific, if you have a valid maintenance contract, please go to Support Center to log a ticket and we can provide individual assistance.