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James Cataldi

I setup a Demo install for one of our customers who had some label printing needs.

Everything was working until I enabled the 'select printer from datasource' option.

When I go to demo the print routine, we get an error.

"Maximum number of retries reached" or something like that.

I read this is due to not having the license. But we just installed the software (first time) on this PC so it should work in demo mode.

I unset the setting, but it seems to have retained something as it continues to error when printing from the print station. I can print from the designer but it doesnt make for a good demo to the customer.


Any way to resolve this without re-installation?

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Pete Thane
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It sounds like you have not configured the data source link correctly to get the printer name or else the name in the Data Source does not match exactly the name of the printer on the PC.

The only time I have seen that warning/error is when cancelling a print job from Print Station where the label has been set to Repeat until cancelled.